IoT, Industrial 4.0  Systems ( Wireless, Distributed and modular ) 

  • Condition Monitoring System

  • Machinery Protection System

  • Process and vibration monitoring of pipes and machines (turbines, pumps, fans, compressors, emergency diesel generators, cogeneration units, and wind turbines)

  • Current and voltage signature analysis of electrical machines

  • Remote monitoring, diagnostic

  • Early detection of mechanical component faults (e.g. bearing, gearbox, shaft, and motor damages) through continuous monitoring of changes in measurement signals

  • Decentralized acquisition/monitoring and centralized storage of all machinery data (design, measurement, diagnostic and maintenance data or reports)

  • Tool for condition-based maintenance and asset management

  • Web interface for asset management and condition-based maintenance with centralized data storage of all asset relevant data

  • Automated logging, notification and tracking all important events (e.g. monitoring alarm, system fault) followed by health condition assessment

  • Reduction of maintenance cost by condition-based or predictive maintenance strategy based on real asset data

  • Further cost reduction by higher asset availability and reliability